Youth Ministry

We meet every Shabbat to create a fun and dynamic opportunity for teens ages 11-18 to worship, fellowship, and grow in their Messianic faith.

What to Expect


Every week our volunteer youth worship team leads us into the presence of Adonai with amazing worship. We play a rich blend of modern Messianic music and contemporary songs from artists like Hillsong and Bethel Music.

(Psalm 150; Ephesians 5:19-20)


Each week there is a relevant message from Scripture that helps youth understand G-d’s Word and how it applies to you life. We believe the Word of G-d is sufficient to help us deal with everything we will face in life

(Joshua 1:8; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3)


After the message we break out into small groups and discuss how the principles of lesson apply to our lives. This provides youth a chance to ask questions and receiving caring attention as we all strive to be committed to Messiah.

(Hebrews 10:24-25; Philemon 1:3-7)


The South Central YMJA Youth Retreat is on March 1-3 in Glen Rose, TX. Youth ages 13-21 are invited. Signup for info about registration and transportation.

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1. Signup on our website

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2. Register with the YMJA

B’nai Mitzvah class

Youth ages 11-12 who are interested in having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah have the option of attending the B’nai Mitzvah class at the same time. If you think that your child would want a Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony when he/she turns 13, the two-year program starts when they are 11 and they need to attend the B’nai Mitzvah class instead of Youth. For more information, visit the B’nai Mitzvah Ministry page.