Boker Rosh Hashanah 5779

Rabbi Philip Lanning

Boker Rosh Hashanah 5779 (Becoming Like The God We Envision)

September 10, 2018

Romans 1:22-23, 28; Genesis 3:4-6; 2 Corinthians 3:18; 1 John 4:7-10; John 4:7-8, 19-26

We become like the God that we envision. When our view of God becomes perverted we begin to become perverted. When we sin we feel a separation from God, and then we try to hide behind our own good works. But when we change our view of God we are changed. Are the Days of Awe supposed to be days of rejoicing or days of judgment? Rosh Hashanah is a time for us to remember that the Judge on the throne is also our loving Father. When we truly see God for Who He is we can not help but love others. This Yamim Noraim may we take off the veil of our own efforts and see God for who He is so we can love as He loves.

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5779

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Erev Rosh Hashanah 5779 (Loving as God Loves)

September 9, 2018

1 John 2:1-11; Leviticus 19:18, 34; John 3:16-17; 10:17

Loving as God loves is His highest priority for us, and our lives will have a positive impact to the degree we love as He loves. We can give ourselves permission to love as God loves or we can give ourselves permission to hate. But God’s radical, non-congruent love motivates us to serve Him and love others out of affection rather than obligation.

Stay Positive - Part 5 (I’m Generous)

Rabbi Michael Vowell


Rabbi Michael Vowell

There’s much more to financial stewardship than tithing. God entrusts His resources to those who are faithful stewards and invest in His kingdom. In this message, learn biblical stewardship tips from an expert financial advisor.

Stay Positive - Part 2 (I’m Grateful)

Rabbi Michael Vowell


Hebrews 12:28; Romans 4:20; 1 Chronicles 16:8–10; Psalm 103:1–5; Luke 17:17–19

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Gratitude is God’s requirement for maximum blessing and a bridge to a deeper relationship with God. Don’t let what you want rob you of what you have. Not only is the virtue of gratitude is a key component of Jewish covenant theology, science has proven gratitude enhances wellbeing. It’s not happy people who are grateful, it’s grateful people who are happy. If you’re grounded in grace, you’ll grow in gratitude.

Stay Positive - Part 1 (I’m Optimistic)

Rabbi Michael Vowell


Proverbs 31:25; 11:27; Psalm 23:1-6

Rabbi Michael Vowell

You can be optimistic about life not because of what you feel, not because of what you see, but because of what God says. You know to whom you belong, you know your Shepherd is a reliable guide, your present circumstances are nothing compared to your future victory, your mind is filled with the peace of Adonai, you know Adonai has chosen you for blessing, you know Adonai is working everything together for the good, and you know nothing can separate you from Adonai.

Quality Circles

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Connecting to the right people matters! Who you are connected to determines where you are going, and it is easier to connect to God's destiny for your life when you are connected to the right people. Life is better together at CBM. Join a Chavurah to get connected with our loving Messianic community.

Journey Principles From the Wilderness

Stuart Rothberg

The new generation of Israelites in the wilderness was not spiritually ready to enter the Promised Land. Unless they dedicated their lives to their God and Redeemer by renewing their covenant commitment and learning his mitzvot, they would not be able to conquer the wilderness or the people in the land of promise. In this passage, Moshe gives seven journey principles Israel needed to mature before entering the land.


Rabbi Philip Lanning

Adonai’s covenant of love is what tethered Israel to God. This loving relationship was the basis for Israel’s trust and deliverance from bondage. When we are tethered to Yeshua, His perfect love casts out all fear, He gives us grace for every situation, and He guides our paths.