Wired To Win - Part 5 (Freshly Anointed To Win)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

When God calls you to function in specific roles, positions, or places, sometimes it’s easy to get sidetracked and find yourself operating outside of the purpose, plan, and power of God. When you stay in your lane, you will stay freshly anointed to achieve your God given destiny. Your natural talents matter, but the anointing matters more. The anointing is the power of God placed on you by the Spirit of God to achieve the destiny of God for your life. If you are a follower of Yeshua, it something you have that teaches you and takes you deep and far. Wherever there is faith, there is the fresh empowering of the anointing for your God given destiny.

Wired To Win - Part 4 (Altaring Your Ego)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Somewhere in your life, someone you respected or loved spoke words over you that helped shape your opinion of yourself. If those words were negative, they were probably burned on your heart, and anytime you want to do something significant you think, "I am not capable of doing this." The answer is to shape your view of who you are based on how God sees you. The altar was a unique space for Israel to worship; a place that created hope for future victory. Whether you have a prideful ego or one filled with inadequacy, the only option for a bright future is to place your ego on God’s altar.

Wired To Win - Part 3 (Unleashing the Power of Faith, Even Now)

We all face circumstances that seem impossible and make us feel like the only position we can take is one of retreat. In these situations we settle into defeat instead of persisting to the dream or future God has planned for us because we walk by sight and not by faith. The reason why many believers do not experience abundant life is because they don’t understand the true power of their words. But an attitude of faith calls for victories and healing as if it is a sure thing and trusts that God will reward those who put their trust in His wonder working power and love. Don’t let anything stop you today from declaring in faith all of God’s blessings for you, your family, your friends and your synagogue.

Dreams + God = Reality

Listen to the testimony of a Jew born in Argentina whose dreams became a reality because of his great God.

Wired To Win - Part 2 (Thinking Like A Winner)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

There are many believers who are not experiencing victory, blessing or God’s favor because they don’t train their minds to think like a winner. They don’t declare God’s blessing, goodness, testimonies or favor over their life, spouses, children or career. Start declaring what God thinks about you and don’t stop until your mind puts God’s thoughts for you on loop.

Wired To Win - Part 1 (Born-Again To Win)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

There will be times when the people who knew who you once were will not quickly accept who God has made you now to be. Don’t let them shepherd in the old you. You must continually confess and demonstrate that you are a new creation in the Messiah Yeshua. Rabbi Michael explains, “When I was born-again just before my 21st birthday, my family and especially my friends could only see the old me until I stood positively on the new me. It was not until they saw the new creation me, the born-again me in action and in various situations that they knew I was not the same person anymore.”

The Names of God - Part 7 (Yeshua)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Yeshua is the most unique person in human history—God in the flesh—His Name deserves the highest place. His Name should be our everything. As the earth revolves around the sun, so should our lives revolve around the Name Yeshua, the center of our existence. When men and women, throughout all ages encountered Yeshua, they encountered the Name that promises promotion through humility. In this message Rabbi Vowell will show you how the way to go up is to go down, the way to get to the front is to run to the back, that it is the servant, the meek, the humble that God will promote at just the right time.

The Names of God - Part 6 (Adonai Yireh)

Rabbi Philip Lanning

Can we really trust God to provide all our needs? Is His provision limited to our spiritual needs? In this message, we will explore how Abraham's life changing encounter with Adonia Yireh, on Mount Moriah, has prophetic implications for all humanity. Adonia Yireh provided the ultimate sacrifice, and He continues to provide for His children. Discover the key to unlocking His provision in your life and the confidence to declare "He's got this" over every situation.

The Names of God - Part 5 (Adonai Tzvaot)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

We all have Goliaths to face. By Goliaths I mean your health, your financial situation, your work, or a relationship. In this message, you will learn how to not let your mind drift towards, “what is Goliath going to do to me” but rather have a mindset like David that says, “Watch what the Lord of Hosts is going to do to my Goliaths.” You will learn how to have confidence in the Lord of Hosts, to start speaking to your Goliaths and telling them that since the Lord of Hosts is with you that you will be healthy, whole, the head and not the tail, blessed not cursed and full of life.

The Names of God - Part 4 (Adonai)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

At some point, everyone finds themselves in what appears to be a hopeless situation. Maybe you had nothing to do with getting in that situation. It could be a sudden change in your health, a tragic loss of a loved one or layoffs at your company. Other times, maybe it was a choice you made that put you in what appears to be a hopeless situation. The good news is that the Scriptures tell us that when men and woman experienced Adonai they experienced the One who could snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat. Regardless of what landed you in your current situation, Adonai’s presence can bring about your deliverance when you call upon His Name.