Generational Synergy

Rabbi Philip Lanning

Our children are our most important asset and it is our responsibility to help them by sharing and exhibiting our trust in God. Rabbi Philip shows us how God’s interaction with Elijah is a lesson on the importance of the next generation.

The Original Rogue One - Part 1

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Daniel is one of the most important prophetic books in the Tenach. Over the next several weeks Rabbi Michael will take us on a journey of discovery starting now with the historical context and just what makes Daniel the original Rogue One.

The Portal of Giving

Rabbi Philip Laning

What does being an Ambassador of the Messiah have to do with judging others and what does that have to do with giving? Join us as Rabbi Philip looks at Luke 6:37-38 in way unfamiliar to most.

Maintaining Your Zeal for Adonai

Rabbi Richard Freeman

For most of us, maintaining our zeal for God is difficult at best. Life happens and the enemy is an expert at offering us myriad excuses to justify not spending time with the Lord. So what’s the remedy?

Blessed Are You O Word of God

Rabbi Richard Freeman

God is faithful and His word is true; whether we like it or not. Rabbi Richard brings this biblical truth home from both scripture andpersonal experience.

Life is Better Together - Part 2

Rabbi Michael Vowell

"If you have confidence in God’s Word, you can overcome the devil." The truth of that statement is reinforced by the Messiah Himself during 40 days in the wilderness. Join us for the second part of this lesson on the power of community.

Life is Better Together - Part 1

Rabbi Michael Vowell

There is a myth in the body of Messiah that the devil is not real. We begin this lesson in Genesis 2 to see what scripture has to say and we also learn how developing Godly friends in a home group, a “Chavurah,” helps to build a barrier between you and a very real enemy.

Living for a Change - Part 7

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In this close to his series on Paul’s letter to the Galatians, Rabbi Michael focuses on chapter 5:13-26 and how our relationship with the Ruach HaKodesh is the key to truly experiencing the Fruit of the Spirit.

Living for a Change - Part 6

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Judaism teaches that a person can experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but to do so requires a lot of devotional capital. But what does the Bible teach? Join us as Rabbi Michael compares the teaching in Mishnah to Paul’s letter to the Romans.

Living for a Change - Part 5

Rabbi Michael Vowell

The Bible is filled with riches we often miss because we fail to read it from a Jewish perspective. The book of Ruth is such a treasure trove. Join us Rabbi Michael reveals its amazing relevance to the feast of Sukkoth.

Living for a Change - Part 4

The people of Corinth wanted the rewards of the Holy Spirit, but they were going about it the wrong way.  There are two major requirements to receive more of what the Spirit has to offer. Join us to learn more.

Living for a Change - Part 3

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Many fantasize about super powers. But do you realize that with the Holy Spirit's super-natural power is available to each of us. When you allow God’s Spirit to indwell you, He will introduce you to power greater than any fantasy.

Living for a Change - Part 2

Rabbi Michael Vowell

The word “Paraclete” is the focus of today's message. In John 14:16 most linguists translate paraclete as “helper,” but helper is much too tame a word to describe the mission of the Spirit of the Living God. There is another meaning.

Living for a Change - Part 1

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In John 16:7a Yeshua tells His talmidim, “…it is to your advantage that I go away!” That just does not compute. It can’t be right – or can it. Come with us as we join Rabbi Michael on this exciting knew journey.

G-d is my Possession

Rabbi Richard Freeman

How in Heaven’s name can you possess God?  It makes no sense! Yet Ezekiel 44:28 says the priests of Israel did. Join us as Rabbi Freeman brings understanding to this implausible statement.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 17

Rabbi Michael Vowell

As Rabbi Michael concludes the Victory series he focuses on Paul’s outline of our responsibilities as believers. He, not only reviews how we attain victory in our own battles, but how we can help others to experience the joy of the overcoming power of our Lord.

Beauty for Ashes

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In "The Last Lion," William Manchester wrote, “Most men in power believe what they want to believe…,” but isn’t that true of everyone? Our capacity for self-deception is one of the enemy’s greatest assets. So how do we deal with it?

Welcome to the Victory - Part 16

Rabbi Michael Vowell

One of the greatest threats to self-centered leaders is a people that exhibit the qualities found in Colossians 3:12 &13. So threatening are they that they are worthy of the death penalty.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 15

Rabbi Michael Vowell

When does saying “Not my problem” become “My problem?” For the believer it starts as soon as we surrender our lives to our Messiah Yeshua. Suddenly we enter a battle; so we’d better learn how to win the victory.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 14

Rabbi Michael Vowell

As followers of the Messiah we are told to seek things above by setting our minds on Yeshua (Colossians 3:1-4). But from the Jewish perspective, those words have a much broader meaning than the Greek text implies.