Rabbi Philip Lanning

Adonai’s covenant of love is what tethered Israel to God. This loving relationship was the basis for Israel’s trust and deliverance from bondage. When we are tethered to Yeshua, His perfect love casts out all fear, He gives us grace for every situation, and He guides our paths.

Level Up - Part 5 (Arrive)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Yeshua was transfigured on the mountain to reveal the importance of His preeminence in your life. Moshe and Elijahu were important, but until you get a vision of the Son of Man, you’re never going to be able to walk in power. The disciples could not heal a sick child because their mind was still divided between Moshe, Elijahu, and Yeshua. Yeshua must become the focus. As long as your mind is divided about who is the most important, you cannot do anything either. It’s time for Beth Messiah to move off the mountain and help Jewish people find a relationship with their Messiah.

Level Up - Part 4 (Together)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Michael Jordan once said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” God has sent people into your life to push you toward your destiny. When we come together it refuels you and refuels others. You do not come to synagogue to just fill up a chair but to fill up a heart, a life, a family. You need to be connected to experience the full blessing of God.

Level Up - Part 3 (Fight)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

The fastest way to defeat is to get into agreement about make believe giants, but the fastest way to victory is to get into agreement with the real King-of-Kings. As a disciple of Yeshua, you are not fighting for victory; you are fighting from victory, and you have an edge over your giants. There are no half-measures when worshipping Yeshua as Lord. Great worship starts with bold declarations, and this paves the way for victory.

Level Up - Part 2 (Leap)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

When you activate worry, you work backwards against God’s destiny for your life. But when you leap in faith God will not let you fall. The act of faith is what distinguished our ancestors, set them above the crowd. When you leap in faith you land in favor. Leaping in faith is leaping into God’s destiny for your life. It is also God’s destiny for Beth Messiah.

Level Up - Part 1 (Torchbearer)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

You may have heard someone say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” or perhaps that’s your philosophy in life. But that is the same mindset that bankrupt Blockbuster video. The tabernacle was sufficient to meet Israel’s needs to worship God, but David saw an opportunity to level up this sacred space with the temple. David did not change Israel’s faith, he took it to the next level. The temple became one of the wonders of the world and a testimony to the nations. Beth Messiah also has an opportunity to level up and reach the next generation.

Wired To Win - Part 6 (Fixing Your Mind Fixes The Win)

Have you ever felt like you were close to getting a breakthrough in your life? Have you ever felt like you were walking on God’s path for your life only to suddenly get taken off course or even knocked off? In this last message in our currents series Rabbi Vowell will offer some helpful and practical advice to get your life back on track by fixing your mind on what matters the most.

Wired To Win - Part 5 (Freshly Anointed To Win)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

When God calls you to function in specific roles, positions, or places, sometimes it’s easy to get sidetracked and find yourself operating outside of the purpose, plan, and power of God. When you stay in your lane, you will stay freshly anointed to achieve your God given destiny. Your natural talents matter, but the anointing matters more. The anointing is the power of God placed on you by the Spirit of God to achieve the destiny of God for your life. If you are a follower of Yeshua, it something you have that teaches you and takes you deep and far. Wherever there is faith, there is the fresh empowering of the anointing for your God given destiny.

Wired To Win - Part 4 (Altaring Your Ego)

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Somewhere in your life, someone you respected or loved spoke words over you that helped shape your opinion of yourself. If those words were negative, they were probably burned on your heart, and anytime you want to do something significant you think, "I am not capable of doing this." The answer is to shape your view of who you are based on how God sees you. The altar was a unique space for Israel to worship; a place that created hope for future victory. Whether you have a prideful ego or one filled with inadequacy, the only option for a bright future is to place your ego on God’s altar.

Wired To Win - Part 3 (Unleashing the Power of Faith, Even Now)

We all face circumstances that seem impossible and make us feel like the only position we can take is one of retreat. In these situations we settle into defeat instead of persisting to the dream or future God has planned for us because we walk by sight and not by faith. The reason why many believers do not experience abundant life is because they don’t understand the true power of their words. But an attitude of faith calls for victories and healing as if it is a sure thing and trusts that God will reward those who put their trust in His wonder working power and love. Don’t let anything stop you today from declaring in faith all of God’s blessings for you, your family, your friends and your synagogue.