Welcome to the Victory - Part 17

Rabbi Michael Vowell

As Rabbi Michael concludes the Victory series he focuses on Paul’s outline of our responsibilities as believers. He, not only reviews how we attain victory in our own battles, but how we can help others to experience the joy of the overcoming power of our Lord.

Beauty for Ashes

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In "The Last Lion," William Manchester wrote, “Most men in power believe what they want to believe…,” but isn’t that true of everyone? Our capacity for self-deception is one of the enemy’s greatest assets. So how do we deal with it?

Welcome to the Victory - Part 16

Rabbi Michael Vowell

One of the greatest threats to self-centered leaders is a people that exhibit the qualities found in Colossians 3:12 &13. So threatening are they that they are worthy of the death penalty.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 15

Rabbi Michael Vowell

When does saying “Not my problem” become “My problem?” For the believer it starts as soon as we surrender our lives to our Messiah Yeshua. Suddenly we enter a battle; so we’d better learn how to win the victory.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 14

Rabbi Michael Vowell

As followers of the Messiah we are told to seek things above by setting our minds on Yeshua (Colossians 3:1-4). But from the Jewish perspective, those words have a much broader meaning than the Greek text implies.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 13

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In Colossians 2 Rabbi Paul addresses the fallacy of religion over relationship. Is there really a difference as long as we follow the law? Find out.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 12

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein wrote, “Messiah Yeshua belongs to the Jews and so I believe in Messiah Yeshua, but I do not belong to Christendom." Important words. Join us to learn why.

Upholding the Vision

Rabbi Richard Freeman

February 26, 2017 was the 35th anniversary of Congregation Beth Messiah. Our founder, Rabbi Richard Freeman, reiterates our calling and love for God’s people Israel.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 11

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Although it culminates with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, where does trust in God really begin? For most of us it starts with the testimony of someone who has had a personal encounter with the Living God.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 10

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Are the gifts of the Spirit really a thing of the past? What comes next after knowing the limitless, inexhaustible, all-sufficient Messiah who has no concluding point? What's Next? Come see.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 9

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Lehman Strauss says, “A careful study of the Scriptures will convince you that Yeshua is all you need. Messiah is an all-sufficient Savior for an insufficient sinner.” Join us for a careful study.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 8

Rabbi Michael Vowell

The Triumph of Messiah reaches beyond character to personality. There is real growth when we aim at being a better "we" and not just "me."

Welcome to the Victory - Part 7

Rabbi Michael Vowell

A powerful idea delivered well can derail the most religious but it will never derail the person connected to the ultimate source of authority.


Welcome to the Victory - Part 5

Rabbi Michael Vowell

We, who claim to follow the Messiah, too often have a distorted view of who He really is. We see Him not as He is, but as we wish Him to be. And every distortion of Yeshua will affect how we think about ourselves and act toward others. So what should we do?

Our Legacy Our Future

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Congregation Beth Messiah's legacy is built upon our faith in the Word of God expressed through the faith & actions of our founders and those who support them. Our leadership is changing, but our vision remains. Join us as Rabbi Michael reveals the plan.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 4

Rabbi Philip Lanning

Does God really listen to our prayers? Do the “prayers of the righteous” really have an impact on our lives as well as the lives of others? Join Rabbi Philip as he explores evidence from not only Paul’s epistles, but his own life.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 3

Rabbi Michael Vowell

For all too many of us there is a significant gap between the worldview we claim and the worldview we exhibit. If we acknowledge scripture as truth, how do we find the courage to walk it out in our daily lives? Rabbi Michael offers some suggestions from Paul’s letter to the Colossians.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 2

Rabbi Michael Vowell

What grabs your attention? Is it the type of thing you want for your son or your daughter? We need our attention drawn to the Messiah, because if He has our attention then He influences our vision and that determines our direction and ultimate destination. Join us as we continue our journey through Colossians.

Welcome to the Victory - Part 1

Rabbi Michael Vowell

We all look at the same things but we don't see things the same way. But Our Heavenly Father sees things perfectly and wants to guide us through the dark places of our lives. Join us in this new series as we learn how to see as God sees and experience Messiah's victory.