Before you launch this study, please schedule a meeting with our Rabbis. Given that the nature of these year-long studies is intense theologically we only use these in chavurot that gather together bi-weekly or twice monthly.

Unrolling the Scroll follows the synagogue's annual Torah reading cycle, providing commentary and insights on the weekly Torah portions which are read in the synagogue from Sabbath to Sabbath. This unique format makes it possible to study along with the Jewish community, moving through the whole Torah in one year of weekly lessons.

Peppered with insights from ancient rabbis and anecdotes from modern Messianic life, this edition of Torah Club demonstrates the value of Torah for Messianic living today. Includes connections to the New Testament and writings of early Christians. This volume introduces students to the Jewish Roots of the the faith and the world of Messianic Judaism.

More than just a weekly reading guide or Bible commentary, Unrolling the Scroll is filled with new insights and practical implications which exhort us to practice righteousness while developing a deeper relationship with our Father in Heaven.

We have the complete set of Unrolling the Scroll with the additional audio material at the offices fo Beth Messiah.


Chronicles of the Messiah present an extensive harmonized study of the Gospels from a Messianic Jewish perspective, presented in a sturdy, hard cover edition.

Chronicles of the Messiah takes students on a passage-by passage study through the story of Messiah, reconciling all four Gospels into one continuous narrative, perfect for weekly studies in the Gospels.

This is an invaluable study source for every serious student of the Bible.

We have the complete set of Unrolling the Scroll with the additional audio material at the offices fo Beth Messiah.

This first-of-its-kind comprehensive reference volume is an essential addition to the library of those students who wish to survey systematic theology with a distinctly Messianic Jewish emphasis. The first section deals with the Torah and the New Covenant, and how various aspects of the Word of God relate to one another. Goldberg then goes on to cover the nature and character of God before delving into the doctrines of man, sin and the world of angels and demons. The volume concludes with ecclesiology and offers thoughts on this doctrine for Messianic congregations. In addition, two central chapters introduce the reader to watershed issues that divided Jewish believers from the mainstream Jewish community at the end of the first century: the deity as well as the humanity of the Messiah, and the idea that the Messiah would die for our sins.

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