Rabbi Michael Vowell

It is El Shaddai who overrules your insufficiency with His sufficiency. He sustains life, who pours divine life into barren souls and creates abundant fruit. It is El Shaddai’s work to make that which was once desolated into a fruitful land, to turn hopeless into hope, to turn bareness into new life. It is El Shaddai’s joy to comfort all who are down trodden, discouraged, waiting for promises. It is El Shaddai’s who causes the light to shine forth on the dark horizons just beyond where all hope seemed lost, El Shaddai shows hope has just begun. To encounter El Shaddai is to encounter the inexhaustible stores of His bounty, of the riches and fullness of His grace in self-sacrificing love pouring itself out for others. El Shaddai never wearies of pouring His mercies and blessings upon His people.