Part 1 - Synced

Luke 11:2-8

Rabbi Michael Vowell

This is the first in a series on "taking our prayer life to the next level." Rabbi Michael anchors this teaching in Luke's rendering in chapter 11 of the model prayer Yeshua introduces to the disciples.

Part 2 - Down on Me

1 Kings 16:30-31; 19:1-16; Ephesians 1:18-22

Rabbi Michael Vowell

As Rabbi Michael continues his series on prayer he moves his focus to God's apparent lack of response to some of our expectations. Why is it that all too often, even when we follow all the rules, He doesn't respond the way we wish?

Part 3 - Down on Thee

Ezekiel 33:13; 2 Kings 18:3-36; 2 Chronicles 32:21

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Why do men who serve the Lord, men of faith who publicly exhort His name, and see His miracles ever try to rely on their own wisdom rather than the power of prayer. When it happens, what is God's response? How will He respond to us? There is much to learn in this installment of "High Intensity Prayer."

Part 4 - Down on Free

2 Samuel 11:1-3; 12:1-6

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In this final message on High Intensity Prayer, Rabbi Michael cuts to the heart of our reluctance to come clean before God -- and man. He addresses the sins of David to confirm our inability to hide our own. And he offers good counsel on how to find release from from the hold of even the most addictive sin in our lives.