Part 1 - Daring Destinations

Jeremiah 29:7-11

Rabbi Michael Vowell

We don’t believe Yeshua continues the hope of Israel just because the Bible says so but because eyewitness staked their reputation on this hope.  Eyewitnesses said that their hope for the land of Israel was connected to their hope in the Messiah of Israel, Yeshua. There is something so fundamental to human existence that if you miss this you will spend your life searching for it, grasping for it or wishing you had it. Hope is whatever ladder you use to support the weight of your life.  This ladder was not created but given and it has supported the lives of the greatest in human history and is strong enough to support your life.

Part 2 - The Hope of Israel

Luke 1:31-33, 68-69; 2:25, 29-32, 34-38

Rabbi Michael Vowell

In some circles, it is said that Israel has become the church. In her rejection of Yeshua, Israel has absconded the hope promised to her by God and that the church is the new Israel. But is that really true? In this message we will see that Yeshua does say Israel faces an obstacle but that all hope is not lost. I need to convince you that the next few minutes we are going to spend together are worth the price of your attention.  In the next few minutes are are going to see the faulty ladder that Christianity has propped up and called “hope.”  It is a hope that promises everything by a transfer from Israel’s account to the church’s account. Here is the twist: anyone who stands on this ladder may find themselves working against God rather than growing closer to God.

Part 3 - Cooperating with Hope

Jeremiah 29:11; Exodus 17:4; Numbers 14:10; 1 Samuel 30:6; Jeremiah 2; 6:20; Nehemiah 9:26, 28; Luke 21:24

Rabbi Michael Vowell

This message will explore the depths and complexities of events surrounding Messiah’s second return to this earth and the ultimate salvation of all human kind. When will the events of the end-times take place? What will happen to Israel at the end of time? What about the nations of Israel?  All of these questions are so interesting but why are they important for us today?  This message will probe the complexities of this question to reveal a message of hope through the darkest times.

Part 4 - From Here to There

Luke 22:21-23, 26-30

Rabbi Michael Vowell

The New Covenant and Future Judgment. If you were competing in a competition wouldn’t it be helpful to know who your judge would be? If you knew who your judge would be wouldn’t you do everything you could so as to win the favor of your judge?

Part 5 - One Shot at Hope

Acts 4:12-13; 5:17, 30-39

Rabbi Michael Vowell

If you don’t listen to this, you forfeit something important.  The hope of our Father and our Messiah Yeshua was the big idea for a small community of Jewish believers. It was such a big idea they would risk everything, even their lives for it. They would be forever scarred by it.

Part 6 - A Bold Hope

Acts 4:12-13, 5:17, 30-32, 35-39

Rabbi Michael Vowell

The non-Jewish nations of the world are more important than you realize. So important that God was willing to upset the tribal mindset to welcome the nations of the world.

Part 7 - The Big Easy Hope

Acts 15:5-9, 12-14, 16-18, 29

Rabbi Michael Vowell

A story that says we have something in common is my story about the day the reality of God’s forever promise to Israel connected to my life. A proper theology would therefore have to be constructed in the light of its future goal. Eschatology should not be its end, but its beginning.

Part 8 - Arriving at Hope

Acts 24:14; 28:19-20

Rabbi Michael Vowell

How should you respond when others ask about the hope you hold dear to your heart? It's not about organized religion or what you can do. It's about being anchored to an old promise made new. There is a problem that we all share: there is a belief amongst most Jewish and Christian scholars that Paul the Apostle created a new religion so centered on Yeshua that it forever became detached from its ancient roots.