Part 1 - Emboldened by God’s Beauty

Psalm 27

Rabbi Michael Vowell

We have been seduced by a false representation of beauty. Hollywood and Madison Avenue have sold us a false beauty, a "Public Square Beauty" that is not only a lie, but a poison to our very soul. Join Rabbi Michael as we journey through scripture to discover the truth about beauty and the joy that comes with understanding.

Part 2 - Dull Eyes Kill Great Beauty

Isaiah 6:1-2; 57:15; 52:13-53:12

Rabbi Michael Vowell

If you were in the presence of the Ultimately Beautiful One would you know it…or would you be so consumed by lesser beauties that you would not even notice Him? Don’t answer too quickly. Join us as we learn more about ultimate beauty from the prophet Isaiah and others.

Part 3 - The Praise of the Praiseworthy

Luke 19:1-10

Rabbi Michael Vowell

Think about the people that could come into your life and speak a word of love or encouragement and it would melt your heart. Now think about the fact that the Creator of the Universe desires to do just that. If you don't believe it, just watch.

Part 4 - A Beautiful Mind

Philippians 4:8

Rabbi Michael Vowell

What we think about is important, but what we love is critical. Do we love the beauty of the Messiah? Do we dwell on it? Do we even see it? Join us as Rabbi Michael helps us see through the eyes of the apostle Paul.