Day 14


“We have sinned with our fathers, we have committed iniquity, we have acted wickedly. Our fathers in Egypt did not ponder Your wonders. Nor did they remember Your abundant lovingkindness, but rebelled by the sea— at the Sea of Reeds.” - Psalm 106:6–7

Heart Thoughts

Psychologists say that one of our greatest barriers to success is cognitive dissonance. That is what I call a ten-dollar word that simply means having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes. The Psalmist says that we sinned like our fathers because like our fathers in the wilderness we often take a position on something that goes against the very thing we are interested in obtaining.

In the wilderness, our fathers were interested in escaping the wrath of Pharaoh and his army. The position they took was that the very God who delivered them out of Egypt was not delivering them to the sword of Egypt. On the one hand they knew God had promised to deliver them safely to the promise land; on the other hand, they thought that God might be tricking them. Their faith was inconsistent because they focused they interpreted what they saw with their eyes rather than trusting what they could see through the eyes of faith. As a result, our fathers – throughout the history of Israel – rebelled against God wonder working power according to the psalmist.

I know many believers who hold terribly inconsistent thoughts or beliefs about God. They sing songs about deliverance and amen sermons about mighty faith and when life is on cruise control they believe God is doing amazing things. Yet, when the trials come when faith is put on trial many believers either take the 5th and go silent or they begin to rebel against the wonder working God and doubt His love.

The writer of Hebrews (Heb. 11:6) says the attitude of faith believes that God is and He is the rewarder of those who seek Him. The attitude of faith calls for those victories that are not as though they are. The attitude of faith speaks to that healing as if it is a sure thing. The attitude of faith trusts that God will reward those who put their trust in His wonder working power and love.


May the God of Israel do many wonders in your life today. May your love for the God of Israel never run cold or dry up but be like a deep spring gushing forth living water.

For the Feed

Have you ever noticed how terribly inconsistent our attitude and faith can be? Have you ever wanted your attitude and faith to be as consistent as a compass always knowing true North. Today you will learn how.