Day 12

But I know, even now, that whatever You may ask of God, He will give You. – John 11:32

Heart Thoughts

We all face situations that seem impossible. Situations or circumstances in life that make us feel like the position we can take is one of defeat and retreat. In these situations we settle into defeat instead of persisting to the dream or future God has planned for us.

Why do we do this? Sight walking instead of faith walking is the simple answer. In our passage above, Martha had just chastised Yeshua that if he would have arrived on time her brother could have been saved from a deathly sickness. That is what she sees by her natural sight. Yet, what she sees by the eyes of faith is that “even now” Yeshua can perform a mighty miracle and save her brother out of death. Martha has an even now faith.

What is “even now faith”? Even now faith is when you are faced with an impossible situation but even now faith calls forth for a miracle. It looks like the medical condition will get better but even now healing is on its way. It looks like that child will forever be lost but even now prodigals are coming home. It looks like the marriage is going to end in divorce but even now hearts will be reconciled and the two will be forever one.

So, don’t give into the impossible. Rather, call forth with faith for the supernatural intervention of God!


May the God of Israel open wide the eyes of your heart that you may see all of life’s situations through the eyes of faith. May you face every challenging situation not as a sight walker but as a faith walker.

For the Feed

Have you ever had a hero who seemed to overcome the most challenging circumstances in life? Have you ever wanted to be that kind of person? We all face situations that seem impossible and there is only one thing that is truly a game changer.