Day 17


Then I will come to the altar of God, to the God of my exceeding joy, and praise You upon the harp —O God, my God. - Psalm 43:4

Heart Thoughts

This last weekend I talked to our synagogue about, “atlaring your ego” [sic.]. I know when you read that word “altaring” you are thinking, “Does he not have spell check?” I am very intentional here about the word altar and not alter. To alter something, according to the dictionary, is to make something different without changing it into something else. In other words, you alter a dress so that it fits but the dress does not become something different like a bicycle. To alter is to modify but to altar something is to change it into something else.

The altar was a unique space for Israel. Unique in contrast to the Holy of Holies another kind of space for worship. At the altar, animals became something different. A sheep would changed into a peace offering, a bull would become a whole burnt offering, a goat would become an atonement offering. An animal became something different: an offering that accomplished something. The altar changed things into something else.

The altar created hope for future victory. The altar was the place of ultimate hopes and dreams for the future because at the altar things changed into something else for the betterment of the persona, the family, the whole people. There are no changes at the altar that result in the detriment of the people only in the betterment of the people.

The altar was the place where a man or woman would come and acknowledge that they were ready to change the past. Break with a sin, break with an addiction, break with a habit, break with anxiety, break with despair. The altar was not just for looking back, it was for looking forward. At the altar, men and women brought their animals and suddenly their future no longer seemed dark, bleak and full of despair. At the altar, the future was aligned to God's destiny, God's plans, God's Will, God's prosperity.

Today, place your ego on God’s altar. Maybe you have too high a view of yourself or too low a view of yourself. Whether you have a prideful ego or an ego filled with inadequacy the only option for a bright future is to altar your ego.


May the God of Israel give you courage to altar you ego today. May He take your offering and transform it into a great future filled with hope that His destiny, plans, will and prosperity will succeed before you.

For the Feed

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