Day 16


He is our father in the sight of God in whom he trusted, who gives life to the dead and calls into existence that which does not exist. - Romans 4:17

Heart Thoughts

“I called it!” Those three words were my favorite as a teenager. Me and my friends would be talking about a situation and possible outcomes and then when one of our outcomes came to pass one of us would say, “I called it!” Like when my friend Chris found out that his girlfriend was breaking-up with him, I told my friends I called it two weeks. As young teens, we said these words to prove that perhaps we had enough forethought to predict with accuracy the future. By the way, none of us were good enough to ever call it on the lotto.

When God calls things into existence sometimes He is calling things into existence that He has already promised long ago. Like when he calls into existence the promises given to Israel or when He calls into existence promises in your life that have lied dormant for some time. There are other times He calls into existence things that do not exist at all. These are promises that will not blossom and bear fruit unless by divine agency.

Your job, like Abraham, is to trust and have confidence in God who gives life to the dead and calls into existence that which does not exist. Your job is to see the miracle provision coming, to see the miracle restoration in your marriage, with your child, to see that first book or second book, that degree you have been chipping away at. When you trust that all things are possible by God you will begin to see the all things possible become a reality.


May the God of Israel grant you a strong heart of faith. May your heart be firmly established in His word so that your mind and heart can be alert and ready for action. May you have boldness and confidence today to believe that the God of Israel is still bringing life from the dead and calling into existence that which does not exist!

For the Feed

When life gets tough how do you respond? When it feels like there is no hope and all the options are off the table do you just have to accept it? Or, is there something you can do when there looks like there is nothing you can do? Read today’s Blog by Rabbi Vowell to discover a possible answer.