Overview of New Message Series

Have you ever wondered if your life would be better with just a little more money? Of course you have! Maybe you want to buy a better home, newer car, better school for kids, give more to missions, make a trip to Israel, or maybe you want to help someone you love who is facing hard times. Wanting money is a no-brainer. But is that all there is to it? Is our only role with money to spend what we have and want more when it's gone? It is easy to feel powerless when it comes to our finances: mortgage, bills, clothes, food, cost of living has to be taken care of. But what if I told you that you have more power than you realize?

You have the power to help your family, change your habits, and even impact others in a big way. The truth is, money matters. Right here. Right now. And when you choose to change the way you think about it, God can do some big things in you and even bigger things through you.