Day 3


The Scripture

Don’t throw away your confidence which has a great reward. – Hebrews 10:35

Heart Thought

Have your ever wondered, "how much longer God?" Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am being faithful to the Lord but where is the reaping from my sewing?”  I know many believers who miss God’s best for their life because they give up too soon.  They have sewn good seeds but they become impatient waiting for the seed to take root and produce blossom and fruit. As a result, they either miss God’s best or live with regret over abandoning their confidence in what God promises.

Don’t let that be you today.  Here in Texas, I have the privilege of ministering to several families that are farmers. Their entire livelihood and future is based on sewing and reaping.  Any farmer in Texas will tell you that from the moment you put seed into earth until the time you see first blossom the in-between time is filled with either anxiety or hopeful expectation.  Farmers tell me that if you know you tended to the ground well before you planted, know that you have good seeds, and are diligent to protect the seeds from birds, insects and other seed predators then you can have good confidence that the Lord will provide both blossom and fruit.  The reaping will come so don’t abandon the fields, don’t abandon the farm, don’t abandon the seed, don’t throw away your confidence.

Today, you can rest assured with great confidence that the God who gave you the seed of His Word has given you good seed. It is seed that is designed to produce good fruit. It is your job to keep away the seed predators. There are many. Some of them are internal like doubt, skepticism and unbelief. There are others from without like nay-sayers, worry warts and a very real dark angelic being named Satan and the Devil that lives to destroy the seed of God’s kingdom that is sown in good faith.  Do not throw away your confidence today.  Hold on tight to God’s promises for your finances, your family and your future.  Today, boldly declare that the seed you have sewn will produce both blossom and fruit.


May the Lord God of Israel give you supernatural confidence in His promises today.  May the same confidence that filled Noah and led him to build an ark fill you. May the same confidence that filled Joshua and led him to march around Jericho seven times until wall came crashing down fill your heart. May the Lord God of Israel who has always given great reward to those having confidence in His Word fill your heart to overflowing.

For the Feed

You confidence in God’s Word has a great reward.  Don’t let your heart be troubled, don’t let your heart be overwhelmed by the waiting period between sewing and reaping have confidence in the God who gave you the seed of His Word.  Today, fan the flame of your confidence in God’s reward and start thanking Him ahead of time for the great reward that lies ahead, for the great reaping when you will see both blossom and fruit from the seed you have sewn.