About Us

Congregation Beth Messiah is a warm and inclusive messianic synagogue, dedicated to creating a sacred community around the Messiah Yeshua. We engage in joyous, participatory and meaningful prayer and worship, lifelong Jewish learning, excellence and innovation in education, and dedicated social activism. We are a magnet congregation of more than 150 families from across the greater Houston area. 

We are driven by the the idea of our synagogue as a sacred home centered around Yeshua our Messiah and driven by Jewish values. 

We are steadfast in our efforts to cultivate an open and caring atmosphere in which all members are actively involved in the life of the congregation, the State of Israel, and the local, national and international Jewish communities, building bridges of understanding with other synagogues and churches through communication, study, and a respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas.

Our Vision 

We honor and value the uniqueness of every person's spiritual journey and try to provide many points of entry and opportunities for connection. The Mashiach (Messiah), Torah (Learning), Avodah (worship) and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) remain our most precious gateways to spiritual sustenance.

We dream of a warm, caring and inclusive community dedicated to nurturing a vibrant, spiritual, messianic Jewish life. We strive to use our unique gifts and offerings to help develop our synagogue as a place of discovery and meaning.  At CBM you will be part of an environment where you are surrounded by blessing and you are never alone. 

Our vision is of a community like no other in your life.

CBM is a community...

  • Where the Messiah Yeshua is worshiped, honored, and embraced as Lord by Jews and non-Jews from all ages and backgrounds, and is the gravitational center of who we are and what we do in this life.
  • Where the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) is active in the lives of individuals and the congregation through gifts, changed lives, and deeds.
  • Where prayer and worship is diverse, meaningful, rich with music, and dance; inspiring continual spiritual growth and reaching all generations.
  • Where Scripture learning from the Torah to the Brit Chadashah is alive, lived, and embraced by lifelong learners, woven into the very fabric of our culture, informing every action and decision and expressed through our worship, meetings, conversation, and social action.
  • Where we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and innovation with ongoing self-reflection and evaluation, and through an integration of formal and informal multi-generational and multi-sensory learning.
    • Where you will find a strong partnership of lay and professional leaders, and actively participating members. Z'kenim (Elders) and Shameshim (Deacons) who are called by Adonai to oversee the "flock of God" so that order is established and shalom (peace) is the norm.
    • Where Jewish values are learned and lived in all aspects of synagogue life, evident in the way we speak with and care for one another.
    • Where you will find a havurah (community) to support you in your times of need, and to celebrate with you in your times of joy.
    • Where you feel a connection to Israel as home and family, especially through our continually deepening relationships with other messianic believers and organizations in Israel and especially the Israel Benevolence Fund.
    • Where you feel a sense of belonging as you are warmly greeted at a Shabbat service, or remembered by name by fellow congregants and clergy.
    • Where you tell stories and share yourself and are welcomed and embraced.
    • Where you are surrounded by blessing and
    • Where you are never alone.