When we pray we often imagine the best or the worst, but not the unimaginable or the unpredictable. What if our requests are too small? Why don’t we imagine God desires prayer warriors, whose prayer life is as big, bold, intense and inexhaustible as His power? What happens in those times that causes us to turn down the intensity on our prayer life and what can we do to turn it up? In this 4-part series, RaMOV lays a foundation for prayer and then explores the lives of three men from the Hebrew Bible, each loved by God, but who turned down the intensity when they should have turned it up.

Part 4 - Down on Free

4 - Down on Free (2 Sam 11) – What is the point of being free if I have to limit my freedoms?  Why should I have to turn down the intensity of my personal wants? Why not get all I can while the getting is good? In this message we will explore how high-intensity prayer aims to set you free from making dangerous, regrettable choices that will not only impact your life but the life of those coming behind you.

Part 3 - Down on Thee

3 - Down on Thee (Isaiah 36-37) – At some point in time we have all been stuck somewhere with an unbearable noise - a TV too loud, a lawn mower cranked-up too early, the screech of microphone feedback, parents arguing, a child eating food with an open mouth, the sound of a dentist’s drill. Sometimes the thing that causes you to turn down the intensity of your prayer life is the unbearable noises of life – a demanding boss, a long-term frenemy, an overactive guilty conscious.  You essentially have two options: plug your ears or leave.  But what if you could isolate the most grating sounds and mute them? Or, just lower the volume, much as you would on your phone. That is the promise of high-intensity prayer that we will explore in this message.

Part 2 - Down on Me

2 - Down On Me (1 Kings 19:1-18) – We all experience great moments in life that are matched by sudden and often life-changing events.  Your project was successful at work, but you did not get the promotion; you graduated in the top 3%, but you did not get into the college of your dreams; you married the person of your dreams, but now you feel alone. In these moments, it is easy to want to give up on yourself and give up on God’s plan for your life and to turn down the intensity on prayer.  In this message, we will see how intense prayer is the one thing that can keep our lives from swinging back-and-forth from the peak to the pit, from confidence to collapse, from glory to gloom.

Part 1 - Synced

1 – Teach Me To Pray (Luke 11:1-13) – Have you ever been around someone who prays and seems to touch the throne of God? Have you ever thought to yourself, “How do I do what that person is doing? Or, How do I have that kind of prayer life?” What if you could learn from the Master of Prayer, Yeshua? In this message, RaMOV will unpack Yeshua’s “pro-tips” He gives to His disciples on prayer.