Aleph Isn't Enough

Class Dates: January 11th-March 22nd (Wednesday nights) EXCEPT NO CLASS MARCH 15.

Class Time: 6:30-8:30 - Oneg room

Course Book: 10 week course, “Aleph Isn’t Enough” by Linda Motzkin ($19.00 in the Resource Center)

A Biblical Hebrew Class starting January 11th led by David and Kristi Schott. The workbook that will be used, “Aleph Isn’t Enough," is book II of Beginning Hebrew for Adults and builds on the material learned in the previous workbook “Aleph Isn’t Tough.” It will introduce 8-10 vocabulary words and 2 new Hebrew roots each week. You will start to read some basic sentences and learn beginning grammar. We estimate the time commitment will be 2 hours per week in class and 1-4 hours per week on homework depending on skill level and prior knowledge of Hebrew.